Painting a room in your house, or giving your deck a nice staining can improve the look of your home quickly— without having to add or change anything too drastically. It is a speedy way to give your home a remodel. Whether it is one room, the whole house, or an exterior painting, Marshall Home Pros can help!

Giving the walls of your home a fresh coat of paint can help increase the value of your home, painting also allows you to get crafty and creative, change the color of your home or room to what is popular, or add a unique splash for your own style!


Light browns, greens, tans, beiges and the like, are great colors for any room in the house. They are classics that will never go out of style in addition to giving the room a nice, calm, earthy feel. Neutral colors are a great choice if you are looking for a way to add colors to your walls, without taking away from your decoration and furniture. This color scheme is also bright and makes it easy to keep a room naturally light.

Accent Walls

A trend that has become popular in the room painting world, is the accent wall. This is an ideal way to have neutral colored walls with a splash of color. There are many different ways you can go about accent walls. First you could just go with a darker color. So, if your walls are a nice light green, your accent wall could be a dark forest green, adding some mood and character to your room. You could also go with a completely different, but complimenting color, such as taking your light brown walls and add a nice, soft green-blue wall. Accent walls are a great way to keep your home neutral but also add some style, color, and flash to any room.

Patterned Walls

Pattern painted walls are not as popular as the other painting styles. But they are fun and show your creative side. They are generally best done on smooth walls, rather than the textured ones, allowing for the pattern you choose to have clean lines, a smooth look, and a crisp finish.

Exterior Painting

Slowly people have begun to get more creative with their exterior house colors. Using dark blues, burgundies, deep purples, and dark browns. The traditional light brown and white trim, or white with blue trim, seem to be going out of style. Take a chance and get creative with the exterior of your house. It may give your house the splash of color it has always needed.

Marshall Home Pros can help give your house the update it needs, with a fresh coat of paint, or a staining of your deck. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your paint choices and styles, people are beginning to get more unique with painting choices.

Painting and staining are a speedy makeover, and that is always the best kind. Contact Marshall Home Pros today to get started on your paint or stain update and get your home looking fresh again!