Every room of your house has a purpose. Bedrooms are for sleeping, kitchens are for cooking, dining rooms for eating, bathrooms for bathroom activities, and the living room for living. You get the point. Not many rooms in a home go unused, unless you have a extra bedrooms or an office that no one needs.

Even your basement has become the designated junk drop. All your old boxes, your kid’s old toys, your clothes that were meant to be donated, and that rocking chair, straight out of a horror movie that makes a terrible screeching sound—all of these things have found refuge in your dark, empty basement. But what if you no longer had piles of junk covering your basement floor? What if it was empty, a blank canvas waiting to be designed and created into something unique and beautiful?

Marshall Home Pros can help you turn your basement into something you have always wanted. Whether that is a man cave, the ultimate game room, or a full blown movie room, we can turn your empty, boring basement into the new hang out spot.

Basements are fun because they are not needed, unless you need to add more rooms or a miniature living area for family or renters. But if your basement is sitting there unused, you have endless opportunities for a room that is not needed, but wanted.

Now that you have decided to put your basement to use, follow these steps to help you plan for the ultimate basement!

Step 1: Purpose

Before you start planning your basement design, you want to plan what the purpose of the space will be used for. Will you split it up for different purposes? Will you leave it all for one family member? Will you make a second hang out spot for entertaining? Or maybe you will make it a private spot for your family.

Think about what you love, what you are passionate about, or what you wish you had in your home. Need some ideas?

Man Cave

The man cave is always the go to basement idea for the husband. Because who doesn’t want a room dedicated to sports, kicking it with friends, and video games. You can add a pool table, poker table, foosball table, ping pong table, and any other type of table you can think of.

A man cave obviously needs some sort of large TV, projector screen, or some other outrageously large screen for watching the big game. And no screen is complete without couches, lazy boys, and other comfortable seating that seems impractical for grown men to use. But hey, as long as it is comfortable, right?

A built in mini bar, or full bar, is always a good addition to the man cave. Making it easier for men to hide out with their friends without having to trek up the stairs to find more beverages. These bars also allow for more seating and entertaining areas, and add some aesthetics to your man cave.  

Theme your man cave around the thing you love the most. Whether that be golf, your football team, boats, the outdoors, a workbench, or even your favorite diner from your teen years, creating a central theme can really bring your man cave together.

Home Gym

Maybe you and your family are a bunch of gym junkies who hate going to the gym. Transforming your basement into a personal gym could solve all your workout worries. You don’t need a huge amount of space to have an adequate sized gym. Even if you make half your basement dedicated to fitness, the other half can be used as a game room, with pool and darts or any game you and your family love.

In your home gym, make it personal. Don’t add gym equipment you never use, if you only do weights only add weights, if you do yoga, weights, and run on the treadmill, add all of these to get your best workout in the comfort of your home.

Do you have a dancer in the family? Leave a room open to create the perfect dance studio for your little ballerina. Or maybe you are all a bunch of yogis, in this case make a room full of zen and relax with the fam during yoga sessions.

Home gyms are a great way use your basement space wisely especially when you workout everyday even though you hate going to your public gym.


Now this may not be exciting for the adults but this is a great way to give your kids the area they need to play freely and make as big of a mess as they want. Making your kids a playroom in the basement is a great way to keep your upstairs toy-free and peaceful.

Create a space for your boys to play knee hockey, you can even pad the walls so that they don’t decorate them with holes. Build a playhouse that your girls will love to play house in. Make a mini movie room for them to watch their cartoon movies so the adults can watch their movies upstairs.

Even if you only use part of your basement as a playroom, it will create more clean space throughout the rest of the house, clearing your home of toys and sports equipment and allowing your kids to play in your basement while you entertain friends.

No matter what you decided to do with your basement, transforming it from four cement walls to a beautiful and unique area will not only give you more space in your home but also increase the value of your home.

Movie Room

A movie room is always a popular choice when it comes to basement designs. And we understand why! It is the perfect, dark space to watch movies on a large projector screen with comfy couches, a bar for drinks and snacks, and ample space for seating.

You can do it movie theater style with seating on different levels, or you can have couches wrap around the room for a seating area everyone can share. Get a big screen TV or a projector for even bigger movie watching capabilities.

Movie rooms are a great way to get the family together, enjoy one of your favorites, and relax after a long day. This is also a great way to entertain your kids when they have friends over or during birthday parties.

Step 2: Call Marshall Home Pros

Once you have decided what you wish to use your basement for and get a rough idea of what you want it to look like, we can take it from there. At Marshall Home Pros, we can take your dull and dingy basement and turn it into something unique, beautiful, entertaining, and perfect for your family.

The overall purpose of your basement is to create something that works for your family. If you are all movie lovers create a movie room. If you enjoy having football parties, make the perfect game day hangout. And even if your family can’t agree on what to turn your basement into, it can be changed into a space for each of you: a play area, a movie room, a bar, a game room, and a mini gym.

Marshall Home Pros can make your basement dreams a reality. Contact us today with questions and schedule an estimate today!