Hey there, it’s your home. I have been your home for years now. I have watched your kids grow, experienced the challenges of house training your puppy, and realized that I hate hail. You have painted and decorated my walls, added and removed furniture from my rooms, and created so many pillow forts with the kiddos that I lost count!

But I am getting old now. I am feeling old and looking even worse. You have probably gotten used to my flaws, how sweet of you, but I wouldn’t mind getting a few updates. The last time I got something new was when Timmy threw that baseball through my window, that hurt. Or maybe it was the time when you accidentally backed up your car through my garage, that was unpleasant as well.

Anyways, the point is, I wouldn’t mind a few remodels. And I know you wouldn’t either after taking a closer look at my dingy cabinets and cracked sinks. Now, I know at this stage of my life, there are two options: remodel some of my flaws or abandon me and find a younger, more beautiful version. But I beg you not to jump to that last option just yet! I can be new again, I can be beautiful, and a wonderful host again!

The house next door just got some remodels of their own, and it all turned out to be great! The family loves it again and everything’s looking up! I heard they used Marshall Home Pros to get the remodel job done, so maybe we could give them a call?

I know that remodels would make you happy, and I know what you don’t like about me anymore. I have heard you complaining about me, you aren’t that quiet. I know you are sick of my aging counter tops in the kitchen. I also know that you hate my bathroom in the master bedroom, it’s not my fault the tub is so small, I was born this way!

But I will forgive your mean comments if you will agree to get me a few remodels. Deal?

I’m not going to go over the top with everything I want, I know that I don’t NEED everything, but just consider my wishes and I will consider forgiving your hurtful words.

First, let’s talk about the kitchen!

Debra, I know this is your favorite room! You have baked so many goodies, cooked so many good meals, and have had a ton of fun wine nights with your friends hanging around my island. But, imagine this: a bigger island! There is extra space on either side of the island to add a foot or two, and you will be able to entertain so many more friends, we all know how popular you are.

And about those dingy countertops that you obviously hate, let’s get granite! Imagine how beautiful I will be with black galaxy countertops! Or there is that always stylish mahogany countertop, the black with the deep red specks all over. Yeah let’s choose that one!

The cabinets can obviously be updated as well. Some sleek, dark red colored cabinets would look great with the mahogany colored granite, too. If you change one thing you have to change both, right?

As for my old linoleum floors, I think we could easily make them look better by swapping them for wide board hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors are always a good look. Plus with the new floors, new cabinets, and beautiful countertops, I will look brand new! And that isn’t even a full blown makeover!

Let’s move on to your bathroom.

Yes, I know my tub is small, and also, whoever made the decision to have carpet in the entire bathroom? Don’t you know it could get moldy when it is wet all the time like that! The floors are the first thing that need to be changed, and that is a must! How about we try some tiles, or new, fancy linoleum that looks like fake wood, that would be better than this nasty carpet.

My master bathroom is large, meaning you could easily add a new tub, a large one that you will probably end up spending way too much time in, but I’m not judging. You could also add a bigger shower. Have you ever seen those showers that don’t need a curtain or a door, they have their own little hallway so it’s almost like its own room, let’s get a shower like that!

The sinks may need some updating too, they have a few cracks and stains that aren’t pleasant to see every morning. Why don’t we try those gorgeous vessel sinks, you know, the ones that aren’t sunken into the counter? They sit on top, like a fancy little bowl, they are so stylish!

Other than those minor fixes, I think that the rest of the bathroom is good enough. So just worry about the floor, the tub, the shower, and the sinks. Oh, and you might as well get the counters swapped out while doing the sinks.

Okay, I know I am already asking a lot, but one last thing, the basement.

You have called me your home for how long and the basement is still full of old boxes, dust, spiders, and insulation? That, honestly, is unacceptable. You know what awesome things you could do with my basement? You could put in a movie room! Or a workout room! Or a bar and entertaining area, add a pool table, a big screen TV, and BAM, your basement is the ultimate hang out spot!

You could add extra bedrooms, but that may be pointless since your kids are growing and will be gone soon. So why not just make it a great area to hang out in. One side can be for movies, with a large TV, comfy couches, and maybe even a mini fridge. Throw in a workout room, even though you may not want to, it could help you get in shape for you vacation in July. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Okay, okay, enough with the suggestions. Basically I just think I could be your dream home again if you just gave me a chance. And like I said before, the neighbors home got a makeover with the help of Marshall Home Pros, so why not just give them a call and see how they can help us out? They can offer remodel suggestions and spruce up just about any of my rooms! Instead of thinking about abandoning me and all the memories I hold, just get me a professional makeover, I promise you won’t regret it!