With winter right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about the cold and preparing for winter. That doesn’t mean diggin’ your Christmas decorations out of the basement, but it does mean you should start to think about how energy efficient your methods of heating your home are. As the temperature drops outside, it also will inside, and your need for heat will become more apparent. You want to be able to keep your home warm and save money while doing it.

Many different things can have an effect on the temperature of your home and can cause you to spend more money on heating. Everything from underfunctioning windows to old insulation on your water heater can cause your heating bill to increase. You want to be sure you check a few things before the colder months hit, allowing you to get your home warm and save money.

Your windows are a major part of your homes protection and affects the temperature. Different window issues can cause temperature issues in your home and may increase your heating bill. But Marshall Home Pros can help! Our team of professional contractors can help with window replacements, seal fixes, and more! We do more than just fix windows, we also help with roofing, siding, remodels, and more! See our list of services now!

We know that paying a large amount on your heating bill is annoying, especially when you are forced to walk around your home with blankets, sweatshirts, and extra socks due to the fact that your house never actually feels warm enough. If this sounds like you and your family, you may have a few issues with keeping heat in your home during the winter. There are many simple fixes that can help keep your home heated and your energy bill low. In this blog, we will go over a few of the fixes you can make to give your home the warmth it needs. Read on to learn more!


If there are drafts coming from your windows, you could be spending more money on your heating bill due to underfunctioning windows but resealing them could help. Caulking windows can add a layer of protection against the cold air that is trying to make its way into your home. If you want to make sure the job gets done correctly, let Marshall Home Pros help. We can caulk your windows, seal any drafty areas, and keep the cold air out. While we are working outside, you can get to work inside. Adding weatherstrips to the inside of your windows, around the sash (which are the moveable parts that open and close) can help to add a double layer of weather protection around your windows. There are many different type of weatherstrips, so find the one that works before for your windows.

Sometimes, your windows do not have as easy of a fix. If your frames are deteriorating, you may need a window replacement. While the initial replacement may be pricey, new windows with strong frames can help you save money on your heating bill year after year, so the investment is worth it and your home will be more comfortable as well. If you are not sure whether your home needs new windows or just to be caulked, let us help. We can determine your window needs and get the job done, leaving your home warm and your heating bill low!

While we can help with all of your window fixes, there are other things that you can do to your windows to help with the insulation of your home. While it may be cold outside, the sun will still be letting off heat. Take advantage of this free heat by keeping your curtains open during the day when the sun is shining through your windows. Once the sun goes down, shut your curtains. This will create an additional layer of insulation and keep the rooms of your home warm.

Cellular shades are great for insulation and are thin enough to let in some light. The hollow structure of the cellular shades keeps warm air in the tubes, creating a buffer between the cold air and your home. You can also use insulated curtains or layered curtains for extra insulation. While these heavy curtain may keep out natural light, they will work very well to keep the heat in and cold out.

Those are a few of the window fixes that can help to keep your home warm in the winter without cranking up the heat. Now we will go over some additional fixes and changes you can make to keep the home warm and the bill low.

Unblock Vents

Your furniture may be staying warmer than you and your family if it is covering your air vents. If you can do a bit of rearranging, remove your furniture from covering your vents. This will help to let the warm air out from under your couch, bed, dresser, and other furniture that might be hogging all the warmth. Moving your furniture will allow for warm air to travel around the entire room and hopefully keep you from constantly reaching for the blanket.

Set A Timer

Having your heat run all the time may be unnecessary and expensive. Have a time set to turn the heat on before you get up, allowing you to be warm as you climb out of bed. During times when no one is in your home, having the heat drop down to a lower temperature could help to save some money on your heating bill. And then have the heat turn back up as you start arriving home. This is a great way to keep your home warm but not waste heat.

Swap Out Sheets

If you take our suggestion of setting a timer for your heat, lowering your heat through the night could be beneficial. And if you think you are going to be cold, then upgrade your sheets. Switch from whatever type of sheets you use to flannel sheets. These are warm, cozy, and will have you heating up more than you may expect.

Use Additional Heating Sources

Along with your new flannel sheets, get your bed nice and warm with an electrical heating pad or a good old fashioned bag of beans and rice that you heat up in the microwave. These are useful tools for keeping warm in bed and even when relaxing on the couch, plus they can be used over and over again! Just make sure you don’t leave electrical heating pads on for too long.

Open and Close Doors

If you tend to keep your bedroom door closed only to walk in and realize that your room is colder than the rest of the house, then you probably have figured out that you are cutting off your room to the heat being generated from the rest of your home. Even with an air duct that delivers heat into your room, it will most likely not be as warm as the rest of the home. For this reason, you should open doors to rooms that are used and shut doors to rooms that are not. If you are trying to keep your living room warmer, shut all the doors, it will contain the heat in a smaller area.

Dress Warm

Remember it is cold outside. That means that you should be able to wear sweatpants, sweatshirts, and fuzzy socks or slippers around your home. This will allow you to stay warm, not to mention extremely comfortable, while saving money on your heating bill. It is simple and it is winter, so bundle up!

These are only a few of the many ways to keep your home and yourself warm this winter, all while saving some money on your heating bill. Remember that windows can have a huge impact on the temperature in your home. If you believe that your windows are causing more harm than good, give Marshall Home Pros a call. We can help you with your window needs, as well as many other things!