Finding the time for housework can be challenging, especially if you are planning major projects or need major repairs. And some home project require professionals, unless you are willing to risk breaking your home and possibly your body. But getting help can make everything easier.

At Marshall Home Pros, we can help you with any and all of your home projects. Whether you need a new roof, a bigger patio space, or a complete remodel, we are your guys! Take the stress out of your weekend with the help of our knowledgeable and professional team. We offer more services than most home constructions companies and we are proud to help you with your any home help you need! Our services include:


If your home is still suitable for you and your family, but you are sick of the dingy looking carpet, and drab cabinetry, it may be time for a remodel. We offer remodels for any room in your home. Whether you need a new kitchen design, a bedroom that isn’t from the ‘70s, or a basement that your kids can spend their teen years in, we can help you with it. But what if the entire main floor of your home needs an update? At Marshall Home Pros, we do large scale remodels, so we can help you turn your home into something new and beautiful! A remodel is a simple way to renew your home, increase the value, and have your home feel like new again!

Deck Building and Patios

Outdoor living areas are the best place to be in the summer. If your current yard is pathetic and empty, let us spruce it up! We can build you a deck or patio to accommodate for your outdoor plans and your future barbecues.

A patio is the perfect addition to any yard, giving you space to put a table, barbecue, and even a fire pit. With different types of patio material, you can get the patio that will match your homes exterior as well as your landscaping.

Decks are a great way to get a beautiful living space in the great outdoors. Get a view of the neighborhood with a raised deck and bring a beautiful and natural feel to your yard with a wooden deck. Whether it is a patio or deck that your feel fit for your home, Marshall Home Pros can help you get the backyard living area you have always dreamed of.


Whether the weather ruined your roof or it has been decades since you have gotten your roof replaces, we’ve got your covered. We can do roof replacements or repairs, with the options of many different roofing materials.

Staining and Painting

A fresh coat of paint or stain can really brighten up your space. Marshall Home Pros does interior and exterior staining and painting so your entire home can look as good as new! The exterior of your home can rise in value with a simple coat of paint, so why not get it looking fresh right away?
Along with all these services, Marshall Home Pros also offers window and siding services. With all these services, it is easy to get the home you have always dreamed of without even having to pack up and move! Contact Marshall Home Pros today to get started on the home project that needs the professional touch.