As the weather becomes more frightful, homeowners want their home to be more cozy and delightful. The snow and bitterly cold temperatures make people want to do nothing more than get inside, get comfortable, and stay warm. While blankets, pillows, sweatpants, and slippers can help, there are things that you can do to create a space that makes the winters more bearable.

While remodeling your home just to create a warm and cozy environment may seem a bit excessive, there are simple ways to change the overall feel of your home, creating a more welcoming space for the winter. Everything from decorating to updating the windows can help transform your home into the perfect hang out for cold winter days. Hanging a painting may be pretty easy, but getting new and improved windows is a little more difficult, that is where Marshall Home Pros can help. We offer the home improvement services you need to update your home, from remodeling to roofing, we can help.

In this blog, we are going to go over some simple things that you can do to create a space that is perfect for winter time cuddles and cozy nights with the family. Read on to learn how to transform your home into the perfect winter wonderland.

Think about a home during the winter. Picture how the home is set up, the ambiance, and what makes it feel so special and cozy. While many of our homes may not change during the different seasons, there are simple things that can be done to swap out the classic look for something warmer and more comfortable.


Lighting is one of the things that can transform the way a home feels. While the winter is usually a darker time, since the sun sets earlier, everyone is turning their lights on earlier. But when you think of the classic “home during winter” catalog picture, you will probably realize that a lot of these setups have dimmer lights. Make your home feel cozier by using warmer lights. Overhead lighting can be overwhelming and ruin the cozy environment you are going for. So, plug in the Christmas lights, light some candles, start a fire, and use lighting sources other than aggressive ceiling lights.

Christmas lights are a great way to add light and warmth to your home, while playing up the seasonal feel. Hand them around a tree that just so happens to be in your home, wrap them around the stair railing, and hang them around doors to add some style and light with a winterish touch.


Candles and fireplaces are also a great way to add light and warmth. What is winter without a fireplace? What is the point of sitting on the floor with a good book, hot chocolate, and a fur rug if there is no fireplace to sit next to? Lighting candles can add a nice and subtle dim light, creating a calming and warm feel in your home. But a fireplace can take that feeling to the next level. Maybe you have a fireplace and never use it because it is ugly, falling apart, or just too small. If that is the case, Marshall Home Pros can help. We can remodel your living room to create a bigger and better fireplace and make cold winter nights so much more enjoyable. But if you don’t have a fireplace, we can help with that as well, just contact us! A fireplace in your home is a great way to warm up after a day out in the cold, but it can also create a cozy feel while lighting your home with relaxing and soothing light. Plus, how is Santa supposed to get in if you have no chimney? A fireplace is a must-have during the winter, start burning your fire and enjoy the cozy winter nights ahead.


You may not be a fan of decorative pillows, but when the winter rolls around and sitting on the couch like a civilized human is no longer an option, plush and cozy pillows can make all the difference. Don’t get the pillows that are stiff and truly just for decoration. Invest in some “decorative” pillows that are soft, fluffy, and comfortable. Cozy up with these pillows as you watch your favorite winter movies.

The same goes for blankets. While you may keep one thin throw blanket on your couch all year long, add some new blanket options during the winter. Sweater knit blankets, plush blankets, and even faux fur throws can completely transform your couch during the winter. Cozy up with warm blankets by the fire and you may just start to like winter. Just remember you will have to get off the couch eventually.

A better rug can also change the feel of your home during the winter. Some rugs are simply made for summer and should be swapped out if you want your winter home to feel cozy and warm. Get a plush shag rug that makes it feel as though you are walking on clouds. This can help make your home feel more ready for winter, keep your feet warm, and add to the ambiance.

Changing out your wall art and decor may be the next level of revamping your home for winter, but if you are truly going for the catalog look, get canvas art and wall decor that is winterish. Pictures of snow, ice, a burning fire, and other winter items is perfect for your cozy and warm home. Fill vases with pinecones, hang a wreath above the fireplace, and add snowflake like decorations around the house. Adding these types of decorations can change the entire feel of your home.


While this seems a bit broad, think about when you host. If you have friends and family over a lot, you probably have snacks they can munch on while everyone talks and reconnects. Or perhaps you have a candy jar that sits on the coffee table. Change these things to be more winter themed and it will help create a better and warmer feeling in your home. If you generally serve veggies and dip to your guests before dinner, switch it up to some cheese and crackers. While that may not seem like a huge difference, vegetables are definitely more of a summer thing, but cheese and crackers are perfect for a winter time snack. Or make some warm spinach artichoke dip and warm pita bread, your guests will love the warm snack before dinner.

As for that candy jar, empty it out and fill it with some winter favorite sweets. Mini candy canes, chocolate truffles, soft caramels, and other candies are better for the winter vibe than bags of gummies. Trade your everyday candy for something special to truly create the perfect winter hangout spot. These small things can be what pulls it all together. This is also true for drinks. Rather than offering your friends a cold glass of water or another ice cold beverage, offer them hot chocolate and other warm drinks that will keep them toasty.


While you can add warmth to your windows by hanging Christmas lights around the frames, you can add warmth to your home by investing in new windows. If your windows or home are old, they may be underperforming, allowing for cold drafts of air to leak into your home, which not only make the temperature uncomfortable but will also cause you to spend more on heating. At Marshall Home Pros, we can help install new windows or restore the trim around your old ones to keep the cold air out. This can help your home stay warmer and cozier all winter long. If your heating bill is more expensive than it generally is or if you feel a cold draft entering your home, it may be time to upgrade your windows. This will keep your home feeling better all winter long.

Marshall Home Pros can help you with any of your home construction needs. From remodeling and painting to patios building and siding installation, we do it all! Make your home warm and cozy this winter season and let Marshall Home Pro help. We can help install new windows, remodel your dingy living room, and restore your roof just in time for the holiday! Schedule a free estimate today and get the home of your dreams started!