1. Ideas For A Living Room Remodel

    The living room is the part of your home that is welcoming and invites you to relax with family and friends. Cozy couches, warm lighting, and beautiful decorations make your living room a great place to destress after a long day in the office. Besides you kitchen, the living room may be your family's main hangout spot. But your living room may not be perfect. It might be too small and crowded to e…Read More

  2. Tips To A Warm House In Winter

    With winter right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about the cold and preparing for winter. That doesn’t mean diggin’ your Christmas decorations out of the basement, but it does mean you should start to think about how energy efficient your methods of heating your home are. As the temperature drops outside, it also will inside, and your need for heat will become more apparent. Y…Read More

  3. Planning the Best Basement

    Every room of your house has a purpose. Bedrooms are for sleeping, kitchens are for cooking, dining rooms for eating, bathrooms for bathroom activities, and the living room for living. You get the point. Not many rooms in a home go unused, unless you have a extra bedrooms or an office that no one needs. Even your basement has become the designated junk drop. All your old boxes, your kid’s old to…Read More

  4. Let’s Talk About Remodels

    Hey there, it's your home. I have been your home for years now. I have watched your kids grow, experienced the challenges of house training your puppy, and realized that I hate hail. You have painted and decorated my walls, added and removed furniture from my rooms, and created so many pillow forts with the kiddos that I lost count! But I am getting old now. I am feeling old and looking even worse…Read More

  5. Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

    Summer is the perfect time to update the look of your landscaping. As spring slowly makes its shift into those summer months, start giving your yard a makeover by pulling up weeds, trimming hedges, planting new flowers, and maybe even add a new tree or two! Mow the grass, fertilize it, water it, and pick up any leftover nature trash scattered around the yard, and it will look refreshed and gorgeou…Read More

  6. The Home Pros You Need

    Finding the time for housework can be challenging, especially if you are planning major projects or need major repairs. And some home project require professionals, unless you are willing to risk breaking your home and possibly your body. But getting help can make everything easier. At Marshall Home Pros, we can help you with any and all of your home projects. Whether you need a new roof, a bigger…Read More